Selected releases 2007-2015

Kopyfamo, 2009

Fuck Google, 2010

Occupy The Internet, 2011

Enforce! 2012


You wouldn’t steal a car.

You wouldn’t steal a handbag.

You wouldn’t steal a mobile phone.

You wouldn’t steal a DVD.

Downloading pirated films is stealing.

Stealing is against the law.

Piracy: It’s a crime.

Source code

F.A.T Nika, 2012


Sculpture | 3d Model | Award +

J3DILLA, 2012

Shell script to generate a list of your .stl files and .html pages for display 3d objects – so you can host them on your own terms. Source code

The F.A.T Manual, 2013

Domenico Quaranta, Geraldine Juárez (eds.), THE F.A.T. MANUAL, Link Editions, Brescia 2013. 224 pages, color, English, ISBN 9781291577914. [PDF]

The Data Klubb, 2013

Gerry Images, 2013