Digital 3:2 clock. Javascript

Hexaclock is a custom made digital clock designed to delay seconds while time traveling. It was commissioned in 2007 by an astronaut that chase endlessly the future..

On January 1st, 2008 an astronaut locked up himself on a time machine located in Omaha,Nebraska . In order to travel in time the accurately, the time traveler request me to design a clock to slow time in a 3:2 scale, based on his dyscordian calculations. The Hexaclock is based in the shape of an hexagon and split time in 3 dimensions, that counts 3 minutes for every 2.

Each hour have its own symbol based on an hexagon and it can be non-efficiently controlled with your keyboard:

The cyan hexagon represent a 90 second 3:2 minute completed. This preview runs at faster speed, press N for preview at normal speed in 3:2 scale. Press 1 to 6 to adjust the magenta minutes. Press from Q to V to change the yellow hours. Hexaclock was coded originally in Processing, and restored on 2014 with P5.js to run on browsers.

Coded originally in Processing, restored on 2014 with P5.js to run on browsers.