[KAURI, 2015]


The kauri is a ritual currency in the shape of a seashell that allows you to perform both gift and commodity exchange.


Download Kauri.stl and 3dprint it.

To use the kauri, first induce a shell-like metastable state, by choosing the side that correspond to the type of exchange you wish to perform.

The hollow side must be used if you wish/need to perform a gift exchange

The solid side must be used if you wish/need to perform a commodity exchange.

After this decision, now you need to perform a small ritual to designate the economy in which the currency will operate:

To create the space for gift economy: use the hollow side to collect and hold water on it. Drink a little and then share it with the person you wish to perform the exchange.

To create the space for commodity exchange: put the cash you will exchange for a commodity underneath the shell, the receiver will need to remove the shell to take the money.

*If you don’t have access to a 3d printer, you can walk down a sea shore and look for a shell which can be used it in the same way following these instructions.

KAURI is part of the 3D Additivist Cookbook.

Market and non-market, as well as human and no-human exchanges always involve some kind of energy: geological formations, labour, desires, metal extraction, feelings, bitcoin rig miners… Energy is the basis of all human activity, and today, money is too. Money can facilitate mutual aid and also destroy it. Money can feed you but also can enslave you through debt. Money can produce joy or tragedy. Money, like energy, must be spent. Money is always going towards the future, but the future doesn’t have a fixed direction.

Encrypted fantasies and automated trust are not the only futures available for exchange, after all the digital is a regime of energies" The kauri is a currency between the tiny hollowed spaces and the ritual that favour the material transfer of wealth and non-automated trust, to instigate a brief moment of deceleration.