Porr i skogen


Ice casted sculptures, freezer, EL wire, LEF films, UV lights. / in collaboration with Joel Danielsson. Installation views from University of Disaster. Bosnia and Herzegovina Pavillion, Venice Biennale 2017-

Blood and oil, 2017.

Blood and oil, The Economist, March 2, 2000. Vinyl on mirror. 50 x 70 cms. Installation view.

P362645 01: UNDATED FILE PHOTO: Portrait of Mark Getty. (Photo by Liaison). Installation.


Definition of 'screen' from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia, 1889. | LCD refuse, kapton tape and crystal glass mounted in standing metal frame. 200 x 90 x 60 cms.

The category of clouds (hope-content). Single-channel video, LCD screen and fused glass mounted on recycled styrofoam case coated with e-poxy. Variable dimensions. 3 min. Screen until sunrise (1200K). Single-channel video, LCD screen, light enhancement film, kapton tape, stained glass refuse and two glass panels. Diptych, 30 cms x 30 cms each.

HI-FI GEO,2017

Software box commissioned for W-I-N-D-O-W-S. Illustration by Jaime Ruelas. Soundtrack by Lamin Fofana. Limited Edition CD.

Para-Archives (side-A), 2016


Cassette, walkman, website. para.archives.nu.12 mins. Audio-tour intervention for the Medical History Museum of Gothenburg.

Artist Statement (updated), 2016


LED message board and press release by Randy Safaran.
Installation at Galleri 54, "Strictly Professional" peepshow.

Kauri, 2015


.obj and ritual currency. +

FT2000, 2015

Animation. 1 min. Minute 2 for Ways of Something Pt.2, curated by Lorna Mills.

Porr i Skogen, 2014

Audio. 14 mins

s23m (system 23 modified) , 2014

by Piratbyrån/Geraldine Juárez/Simon Klose

Installation view from 'Piratbyrån and Friends'. Knitted Kopimi Suit by Lina Wolfert.
Piratbyrån Stack. Poster. Installation | Machine knitted tent, patchwork. Media: Tapecasts by Piratbyrån, Book: "The KLF: Chaos, Magic and the Band who Burned a Million Pounds" by John Higgs.

s23m trailer. Full film. [Video 46 mins.]

Wealth Transfer, 2013

White label Dubplate. Unique copy. Wealth Transfer Remixes. Tape Edition.

Patterns of high frequency market crashes were drawn into Renoise music software, the waveforms were used to create beats sequences compiled in 3 different tracks and pressed on vinyl. 010 Flash Crash / 012 The Knightmare / 013 The Tweet Crash.

Hello Bitcoin, 2013

Some People Just Want to See the Market Crash, 2013.

Installation view at Science Friction, Copenhagen. Documentation.

Bouquet, 2013

Flowers and Financial Times. Dimensions variable. 'The economy is everywhere that life is not: but however intertwined the two may become, they simply do not meld, and one can never be confused with the other.' From "The Twilight of the Bureaucrats” from The Movement of the Free Spirit by Raoul Vaneigem.

Gerry Images, 2013 and 2017.

Vinyl watermarks on mirrors and browser add-on.

Installation views at Fotomuseum, Winterthur, 2017.

Installation view at 'Snel Hest', Alingsås Konsthall.


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