Monoskop Exhibition Library
Seoul Media City Biennale

The Exhibition Library reimagines the medium of art exhibition as well as that of art catalogue. Catalogues carry exhibitions through time and space, figuring as tropes for imagining arrangements and the course of works and settings they describe. However, they rarely give us a clue about what really happened, since they are often made before the show opens. Rather than documenting it, they often stand on their own, almost as if another work on display, truly as an artistic medium on its own. For this work, artists, designers, curators, poets and collectives created thirty catalogues of imaginary exhibitions. Exploring both the potential and impossible in art, the resulting exhibition library also serves as a “library of exhibitions.”

Monoskop Exhibition Library Catalog [PDF]

Conceived and convened by Dušan Barok

Curated by Kyung Yong Lim

Seoul Museum of Art

5 September – 18 November 2018

Photos by Lee Kai Chung.