Storage, 2017

Ice casted sculptures, freezer, EL wire, LEF films, UV LED light. Dimensions variable.

Installation show at "University of Disaster", Bosnia and Herzegovina Pavillion, 57th Venice Biennale.

Production in collaboration with Joel Danielsson.

Ice accumulation from may-september.

Commercial freezing technologies are the crystalization of the myth sustaining the promise of progress; storage devices helped maintain the illusion of prosperity needed to profit from the stability that ice sheets provided until the Great Acceleration began in the 1940s, pushing the refrigerator industry to the mass-market.

Storage is a collection of contemporary fossils and souvenirs of a time past, like geologic drill cores, old headphones, and even older, fragile things like cassette tapes or wooden sticks to make fire, giving them new contexts and new forms of existence.

An installation that combines the aesthetic display of a freezer with that of a galactic sky, a bookshelf and a grave. The freezer becomes an hourglass where the melting ice shortcuts the distance between the non-linear stories of media history and climate change, between humanity and the time after our finitude, reminding us that media is and always has been our nature. Memento mori. ––Excerpt from University of Disaster catalog.